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News Release

  • 31 Years Ago Hurricane Alicia Slammed Into The West End Of Galveston Island...

    Long lines as residents wait to buy ice - August 21, 1983  Convenient store on Galveston Island without its walls - August 1983.

    Top - Photo Credit - John Everett, Houston Chronicle - August 21, 1983         

    Alicia caused 21 deaths, many injuries and billions of dollars in damages and is a tragic reminder of why we need to stay prepared. This storm, a “Gulf Former,” gave us less than 30 hours to get ready. Alicia was a major hurricane “Category 3” with 100 mph winds, gusts up to 127 mph and a 12-foot storm surge. 

    Have a plan, build a disaster kit and be prepared.

    If you know someone that might need assistance evacuating or just needs a ride call 2-1-1 today.

    For more information on Hurricane Preparedness visit and don’t forget to follow GCOEM on Facebook and Twitter.

    David Popoff -- GCOEM Coordinator

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  • 2-1-1 Has A New Name Called - State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry or "STEAR"

    Watch This Fox 26 Hurricane Season Video To Learn More About 2-1-1 or "STEAR"...

    A Fox 26 News Anchor and Weatherman Sitting on a Couch Discussing 2014 Hurricane Season and the New Name for the 2-1-1 Evacuation Helpline.

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  • It's Hurricane Season - The Information In This Guide Could Possibly Save Your Life And Your Loved Ones!

    Image of the front page of the National Weather Service's 2014 Hurricane Guide. It's an image of a swirling hurricane with a bright yellow caution sign that reads: Be Prepared.

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  • Local 2 KPRC Special Presentation - 2014 Hurricane Survival Guide

    Watch video of KPRC's 2014 Hurricane Survival Guide

    Image of video that say's Local 2 KPRC Special Presentation

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