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News Release

  • 114 years ago the 1900 Storm made landfall in Galveston County...

    Image of Thunderous Lightning with the words: Galveston Storm of 1900

    On Saturday, September 8, 1900, a hurricane of almost unimaginable force smashed into the Texas coast at Galveston. Winds reached as high as 120 miles per hour. The storm surge inundated the city and the county to a depth of 15 feet, and the great amount of debris in the water acted as a battering ram against the city and the county as the waves rose and fell. Two-thirds of the buildings were destroyed, and between 6000 and 8000 people killed in Galveston County. It was the worst natural disaster in United States history. Scenes of unbelievable horror and suffering followed for weeks after the disaster.

    We will never forget the lessons of the 1900 storm. Be prepared, have a plan and for more information on Hurricane and disaster preparedness visit

    Telegraph from J.H.W. Stele to Gov. Sayers

    Sept 11, 1900

    Click on image for larger view

    Image of a western union telegraph to Gov. Sayers from J.H.W. Stele -sent on Sept 11, 1900 practically begging for supplies.

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  • Texas Governor Rick Perry Declares September as Preparedness Month!

    It's Official!

    Click image or text to view Governor Perry's Proclamation

    Official Ribbon with Rick Perry's signature declaring Sept as Preparedness Month.

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  • September is National Preparedness Month

    This Year's Theme is: Take Action To Prepare!

    Click on image or text to learn how to take action and survive disaster!

    Image from that says: Be Disaster Aware!

    Disaster Image:

    Watch Video: Surviving Disaster - How Texans Prepare

    Video - 2 men and a woman glare into camera lens. "Watching Their Stories Could Save Your Life"

    Video credit:

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  • 31 Years Ago Hurricane Alicia Slammed Into The West End Of Galveston Island...

    Long lines as residents wait to buy ice - August 21, 1983  Convenient store on Galveston Island without its walls - August 1983.

    Top - Photo Credit - John Everett, Houston Chronicle - August 21, 1983         

    Alicia caused 21 deaths, many injuries and billions of dollars in damages and is a tragic reminder of why we need to stay prepared. This storm, a “Gulf Former,” gave us less than 30 hours to get ready. Alicia was a major hurricane “Category 3” with 100 mph winds, gusts up to 127 mph and a 12-foot storm surge. 

    Have a plan, build a disaster kit and be prepared.

    If you know someone that might need assistance evacuating or just needs a ride call 2-1-1 today.

    For more information on Hurricane Preparedness visit and don’t forget to follow GCOEM on Facebook and Twitter.

    David Popoff -- GCOEM Coordinator

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