Galveston County

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Phone Bank Operators Course

Thank you for your interest in this specialized training course offered to members of the Galveston County CERT team who would like to be in the EOC during a time of emergency for the county and be qualified to answer emergency phone calls from the public that will overflow to our 3rd floor phone bank.

You will learn how to take control of the phone conversation, and the questions to ask to get the needed information for a response from county agencies. Know what information you should give to the caller to aid them while waiting for a response from our county agencies. You will also learn to use our new phone log forms and how to distribute them in the EOC during a time of emergency.

This is specialized training that is intended to prepare us to fulfill a vital role in the management and mitigation of an emergency in our county.

The training is from 6:30pm - 10 pm on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017. The training will be held in the phone bank room on the 3rd floor of the OEM.